About SaleDitoPh

Greetings!! You have reached the SaleDitoPh About page where I will tell you what this website is for and what it is not, and how you can use this site to find great sales and discounts in our country.

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SaleDitoPh is a blogging website, founded by a team of friends and families who loves to shop, shop and shop but not fond of paying the full price! Yes, we admit, we love to shop but we are thrifty, we are frugal, we love to conserve wealth, while some others just call us cheap. Call use anything you want but one thing is for sure, we love to save our hard earned cash and we just want to get the most of our money.

Here on this site you will find and be informed of all current and upcoming sale activities, discounts and freebies schedules of tons of shops and merchants. We’ll keep you posted on when and where you should be in case there’s a big promotional discounts on items such as shoes, apparels, clothing, home items, hardware items, accessories, kitchen aids, plumbing supplies, furniture items or whatever sale activities there is in the face of the land. We’ll give you insights on how to avail great discounts to lift your shopping experience to a euphoric and addictive state. Or if not, at least you’ll save some money.

Earlier I mentioned that I will also tell you guys what SaleDito.ph is not. Our website is dedicated to find and inform everyone of any sale or discounts that might be happening or will be happening, however, this site is not funded by neither any merchant nor any establishment, therefore all shopping discounts are gathered and reviewed by our authors and is not biased or in favor of any of the stores or establishment that is presented. We will try in our best interests to give you the best discounts and promotions we could find but we don’t, however give any warranties on the correctness or accuracy of the blog posts and sales that we present here, give us a break, we’re just a bunch of people trying to do good. Ain’t we all?

Thanks for reading this and may the SaleDitoPh force be upon you. Happy Spending!