Primadona Shoes Sale Extended


Primadona Shoes Sale Extended

Primadona Shoes Sale Extended. Saving by spending more is key here in this great sale by Primadona, here’s how it works. Buy a regular priced pair, and get 30% off on the second pair your buy, if your decided to buy a third pair, your get 50% off on the third pair, got it? Easy breezy. If you don’t need three shoes all at once, find a couple of friends who will split the bill and shoes with you.

Here Are The Dates To Remember

Ongoing now. No specific end date.

Here Is Where It’s Happening

All Primadona Stores.

And Here’s What They’ve Got To Say on FB

TICK TOCK! Buy two shoes and get 30% OFF on your second pair OR buy three shoes and get 50% OFF on your third pair!

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